Friday, December 23, 2011

The warm weather melted my snowmen!!!

OMGHHKP IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!! I can't wait much longer but I am loving this Christmas season!!!

Today I have two really cute recipes for you guys, each pretty easy and perfect for any Christmas parties! One is a melted snowman cookie, and the other is a chocolate pretzel bite :) There are LOTS of pictures for you to follow along!

~Pretzel Bites~

The first recipe I got from Macbarbie07 on youtube, and she is one of my favorites! It is really quick and easy so its great if you are running late on a Christmas snack.
Step 1: Buy a bag of pretzels, Christmas colored M&M's, and any type of Hershey Kisses you want! I just bought the regular but you can get the candy cane type if you want.

Step 2: Preheat the oven to 170F while you spray a sheet pan with cooking spray. Then lay out as many pretzels as you can put on your pan :) I think I put around 45ish!
Step 3: Unwrap the Hershey Kisses and put one on top of each pretzel :)
I think one of the factory workers had a little snack.....bahahahaha :)
Step 4: Put the snacks in the oven for 5-6 minutes until the chocolate just starts to melt. Then once you take them out, work fast and put an M&M on top of each one :) Then put them in the fridge until the chocolate hardens and you are finished!!!
~Melted Snowmen Cookies~

These cookies are my favorite ones I think I have ever made! I found them on Pinterest and I love them!!! Here is the link to the original recipe:

Step 1: Buy Pillsbury Ready-To-Bake sugar cookies (or make your own!), One tub of Betty Crocker white icing (I bought two but we had more than enough with one), Jett-Puffed marshmallows, and a few different kinds of food coloring! You definitely need black but then you can use whatever colors you want :)
Step 2: Follow the cooking directions and preheat the oven to 350F. Then lay out the cookies and bake for 11-13 minutes :)
Well.....I kinda failed on the baking part. The 12 in the front are the survivors, the 12 in the back died in the battle for Christmas-y goodness. Bahaha :)
Step 3: Lay the cookies out on the foil to cool. Then take a plate and lay out the marshmallows. Heat them for 30 seconds or less until they get a little puffy :)
Step 4: Ice the cookies, and try to make them look messy :) Then lube your fingers with cooking spray and place the marshmallows on the cookies near the sides. These will become the faces for the melted snowmen!
Step 5: Start decorating! The black you can use for arms and the faces. I didn't put smiles on all of them, some I used O shaped mouths :) Also, some that I made the O shape mouths, I made the eyebrows looking angry :) I mean, if I was melting I would be angry too!
Here is a picture of me being all meticulous in my piping :)
Here is my favorite one!!! :)
Step 6: Decorate all the cookies and add all the different expressions and accessories that you want! Then add them to a cute Christmas plate and you are finished!
That is the end of all the recipies!!! Aren't they adorable?!?! I hope you try these out for yourself and you have a very merry Christmas!!! :)

Love and snowmen,
Em :)

PS. This is not a very clean project... :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tag!!!

Merry 5 days till Christmas everyone!!! I cannot believe that Christmas is so close!!! Right now, I'm trying to get over a nasty cold so I can feel better, but I'm still looking forward to the Christmas morning!!! 

I wanted to look for a fun Christmas blog post and I found this one that I think is pretty cute :) So without further ado, here we go:

 1) Which holiday do you celebrate?
2) What are you doing for the holidays this year?
Christmas Eve, we have our annual family get-together at my great aunts house and then our church service. Then Christmas morning we will open our presents early before we go to church!
3) What's your favorite holiday drink?
Definitely hot chocolate!!! Also, I have been drinking coffee for the first time this winter season so that is good too ;)
4) Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
Candy canes all the way! I like making gingerbread houses, just not eating the men :) Haha :)
5) What's your favorite holiday/Christmas song?
I love all those classic Christmas songs but some of my faves are Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, All I want for Christmas, and of course the Glee version of Baby, It's Cold outside :)
6) What's the weirdest gift you've ever received?
I really haven't gotten too many weird gifts that I can remember :( But almost every year without fail I get socks. Is that weird??? :)
7) Have you ever made a snowman?
Actually, I have never even seen real snow!!! When I went to NYC it was snowing a little bit, but it melted by the time it hit the ground :(
8) What is your favorite winter fragrance?
Anything from B&BW is always a fave but I love the Warm Brown Sugar and Twilight Woods :) Anything more rich and less flowery :)
9) What is at the top of your list this Christmas? 
For the first time in a while, I really haven't made much of a list! But Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is of course on my list!!!
10) What is most important to you about the holidays?
 I think that spending time with my family and remembering the birth of Jesus is the most important :)

I hope you liked my tag!!! Don't forget to do it on your own blog or youtube channel :) Well this little sicko is going to bed! Talk to yall soon!!!

Love and candy canes,
Em :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Presents from Santa :)

Hey bloggies :) I hope your December is going awesome! With midterms coming up, mine's a little stressful :P But with only a week left for school until break, I think i can make it ;)

Today was the end of a CRAZY week in my Culinary Arts class. We have spent the entire week trying to decorate original gingerbread houses for the end of week contest. Now this might sound pretty Actually it was the most stressful week of this class in the entire year. But, I was in a group with 3 great friends and we ended up having a great time! We decided to build a Christmas present for our design and it turned out to be SUPER adorable!!!

As the judges were working, all the culinary students were forced to sit outside and wait it out. We were all eating leftover candy to stop us from freaking out :) There were two categories, the advanced students and the first years. I'm in the first year class so I didn't compete with the advanced ones, thank goodness!!! They were so good and I would have been even more nervous! But in the end...WE WON FIRST PLACE!!!!!! We were ecstatic!!! Here are some pictures: (PS. Dayshia wasn't in them because she had to go home :( )

Love and twizzlers,
Em :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Happy December 1st and Merry Christmas!!! I am soooo stinking excited because this really is my favorite time of the whole year! Also, today is my Papa's birthday and I'm so thankful for him!!!

Finally, today we got to put up our Christmas Tree!!! I always think it is so fun to get all the boxes down from the attic, put up the tree, do the decorations, and listening to Christmas music the entire time :) Tonight we only put up the tree, but I put my tiny one in mine too! Here are some pictures...
Every year, Tigger licks the tree as soon as we get it out of the box :) He was so happy!!!

But...after the tree got up, he decided it was hard work and took a nap. That's my boy :)

My dinky little pink, fiber-optic, Charlie Brown tree :) It looks sad but I love it!

Zoey was freaking out so I sat on the couch with her while dad wrapped the lights :)

Then...she sat on me.

I wasn't quite sure what to do...
And here is are adorable tree!!! Minus the bow, but that goes on tomorrow ;)

Alrighty well i'm headed to bed :) Merry Christmas everyone and I will post more soon!
Love and tree lights,
Em :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

White & Nerdy :)

Here is one I meant to post Nov. 1 :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!
I hope everyone has had a very great night! I didn't know that I was going to go trick-or-treating until a few hours before I did but I ended up having so much fun! Abby and I dressed up like nerds and going with our friend Kristen and her kids around town. It was too funny and her kids are hilarious! Here is a pic:


Love and pocket protectors,
Em :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hedwig Flies Again! :)

We are finally all done with our pumpkins!!! It actually turned out pretty well, considering we only had two days to work on it...and Abby got sick the second day :/ At least she is feeling better and our pumpkin got finished in time!

Yesterday afternoon, our class had a pumpkin party. It was fun because we turned out all the lights in the cafe (the side room dedicated to dining events we cater) and we lit up everyones pumpkins so we could judge them and get awards! It was so neat to see all the awesome pumpkins made by my friends and other classmates, and they were all amazing! The winner was a silouette of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and it was beautiful! I never found out who did the pumpking but it turned out wonderfully :)

We ended up naming our pumpkin "Hedwig Flies Again" because Hedwig is Harry Potter's owl in the books + movies :) Even if Abby doesn't like it, it kept me happy :) Here are a few pics of the final product!

Here it is, all carved up!

...and all lit up!!! :)
I'm so proud how our little punkin' turned out! I can't wait to compete again next year! Now I need to go to sleep, we have a women's luncheon at church tommorow and my Mamama is cooking for it :) Me and Lauren, my cousin, are helping out so we need SLEEP :) Blog again soon ;)

Love and Hedwig,
Em :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My voice sounds like the cookie monster.

I reeeaaalllyyyy don't like being sick.

My mom works at a doctors office and she has been testing lots of kids for strep throat but not thinking anything of it. But sure enough...yesterday we went to the doctor and both mom and I have strep! I have only had it when I was little, because I got my tonsils out. Now I can see all the "fun" I was missing out on! (Did you catch the sarcasm?) One plus is that I got two days off of school and I get to sleep all day :)

Speaking of that, I'm going to take yet another nap because that is the only thing to do here :) Haha I will blog soon AND do posts about the pumpkin! I felt really bad that I missed the part of getting all the inside stuff out...and that I left my best friend Abby to do all the work! But I can make up for it tomorrow :)

Love and lots of sleep,
Em :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin time :)

Happy almost Halloween everybody!!! I'm actually pretty excited for it this year! I doubt that I'm going to dress up, (not because i'm too old, because i have no where to wear it too!!! :) ) but I am excited for all the fun that comes along with it! Once Halloween rolls around, everyone gets into the spirit of fall, pumpkins go out everywhere, and the scary movie marathons begin :) I don't like scary movies....because i'm a wimp. But, I do like the little kid halloween movies like The Nightmare before Christmas, Casper, Halloweentown, the Corpse Bride, and things like that :) Yeah...I'm a far way away from watching Chucky! :O

One thing I'm excited about this year is carving pumpkins at my school! I'm in the culinary arts program in our school and every year we have a whole week where we carve pumpkins. Me and my best friend Abby are working together and we just got everything ready for monday :) I will probably post pictures along the way to see how it turns out :) Here is a picture of the supplies!

I hope it all turns out well and I can't wait to see it!!! I will blog more pics to come :)

Love and pumpkins,
Em :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall is almost here/whats been up :) (LONG LOST POST)


OMGHHKP...I am sooooo ready for fall to be here! It is the 3rd day of October and it is already only 60 degrees outside! (Where I come from, we're doin' pretty good!)

I love fall so much! Even though the leaves don't really change too much here where I live, I love the cool breezes, campfires, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and the upcoming of Christmas! Fall has always been my favorite season and I am extremly happy it's almost apon us!

Though you probably don't really is an update on my life :)

1) I started golf! I love it sooo much and I am sad that it will be ending soon :P But I just moved up where I can actually play in real tournaments so that is really cool :) Here is a pic from my first real match:

2)This past Saturday, I got past my stage fright and I shared my testimony at our Upward football games! To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to because I'm not that good at sharing in front of people. But I did anyway and apparently it was exactly what God planned for me and so I'm glad I did it :) Just goes to show that if God gives you and opportunity, take it even if it's out of your comfort zone.

3) Our church youth group is starting to sponsor a child from Compassion International!!! I am SUPER pumped about this! Compassion International is a program that, when you pay to sponsor a child, they get food, clothing, shelter, schooling, doctor's care, and most importantly...learn about Jesus! When I had a bible study with a group of girls from my church, we had the privledge of adopting a child. Her name is Amina Yuseff and she lives in Ghana :) I really hope to meet her someday!!!

Well it's time for me to go :) I will blog ya later :)

Love and Compassion(haha get it?) ;),
Em :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm. So. Sweaty. :P

Ohhhhh dear.
Ok, so all week we knew something was wrong with our air conditioning. Well today it finally broke. I'm blogging to you in my house which is about 89 degrees right now. Uggggggggggg.

My poor mom has been cleaning all day in this heat :( Poor thing! I can't imagine it since I am dying just like this :(

On a good note, my dad is coming back today! He has been on a mission trip to Cuba all week and we are so glad he is back! He is actually on the way home right now and we are so excited! I think our air only broke because he isn't here to fix it. Of course.

Well, I'm gonna go because I'm tired, I want some Diet Coke, and I think Zoey is about to have a heat stroke :)

Haha I'll blog more later :)

Love and sweatyness,
Em :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogging on da go :)

Yo bloggies :) guess what??? I just downloaded the new blogger app so I'm blogging on my iPod, listening to glee, and unloading the dishwasher all at once ;) yeah. I'm a multitasker. Haha but I just thought this was really awesome and I can't wait to use this to blog more often!!! I'm not sure what I will blog about next...maybe that book review??? Who knows! But I will write somemore soon ;)

Love and bloggin',
Em :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random vlog :)

Hey bloggies :)Happy Sunday and 9/11 :) So thankful for the men and women who helped our country on that devistating day 10 years ago!!! We just got back from lunch and I made a weird vlog :) I didn't really want to post in to facebook so I just decided to post it here :) Haha I just talk about some of my favorite things and tell you what i'm doing today :) Heeeeeeeeere you go:

Bahaha random, I know! Hope you enjoyed anyway ;) I will blog you later, it's readin' time!!!
Love and Rupert Grint,
 Em :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obsession :)

Ok so I know my last post was about Les Miserables and I said that I was going to go watch the Music Man, right? Well, last night my Dad and I instead ended up watching the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables and can I just say I was speechless. And crying.
All of the songs and performances were completely beautiful and I could listen to them all day :) (Plus I'm probably going to watch all 3 hours of it again tonight...thats how obsessed i've become!) :D

Well, 3 of the songs stood out to me. I already posted "I dreamed a dream", and so thats not one of them, even though it is still one of my favorite songs ever :) All of the songs were so wonderful, and so famous that it was hard not to post all of them!!! But these 3 have been the ones I have been listening to the most so far on youtube :)

1. On My Own

This is such a beautiful but sad song. Eponine sings how she is so in love with Marius but he is still in love with Cosette. So she is forced to imagine his love for her. Such a powerful song and I love it :)

2. Red and Black/Do you hear the people sing?

This guy has such a beautiful voice, not to mention Nick Jonas :) (more about that next!) But it is so cool to see them plan about there revolution they are planning! They all have such powerful voices and I love it :)

3. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables

Ok, so far this has been the song I have been completly obsessed with. I already loved Nick Jonas, and already loved broadway!
Nick Jonas + Les Miserables = I died :)
This is such a powerful song where Marius sings because all of his friends were killed during the attack, but he still lives because he was rescued. He sings of his greif and how he wishes they wouldn't have died in his place. I love how far Nick Jonas has come and how versitile his voice is. It goes to show, once you get your start in broadway, you will never change! I could listen to this song all day and it always seems to make me cry :)

Well, I hope you loved all these songs and GO RENT THE DVD!!! I got it at our redbox in town and I'm not sure I'm giving it back just yet ;) It is wonderful and I think just about anyone would enjoy it :)

Love and Marius,
Em :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

I love Broadway musicals!!! Some of my favorites include Wicked, Aida, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and more recently, Les Miserables :)

I borrowed the CD from my friend/cousins bf Carson about 3 months ago and downloaded it but I never listened to it because I wanted to watch the movie first. Well, about 3 weeks later I found out that my "over the summer" reading project was actually Les Miserables! I had heard rumors that the book was...well...horrible. But it just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by it's cover, because I loved it!!! True, it was a tough read. But It had a wonderful story line and I'm so glad I finally got around to reading it and I hope I will read it again in the future :)

Now that I've finished the book, I've started listening to the cd and I fell in love! I can't believe the talent some people have. It is incredable.

One of my favorite songs from the cd, and just in general, is I Dreamed a Dream. It is such a wonderful, powerful song and I have loved it for years! I didn't realize that it actually came from Les Miserables until just a couple months ago because I first heard it on Glee :) Glee did a wonderful job with this song and I  <3 <3 <3 listening to it :)

Here is the origional version performed by Lea Salonga at the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables :) The whole soundtrack is INCREDABLE so go check it out!!! :)

Well I hope you enjoyed these songs, I know I did!!! I gotta go now because I'm gonna watch The Music Man!!! :) I <3 that movie!!! Blog ya later ;)

Love and Dreams,
Em :)


Oh yeah baby!!! Happy friday everybody!!! I'm EXTREMELY happy to say that it is a 3 day weekend!!! So far, school hasn't been too bad. BUT, I'm always pumped for a long weekend, as i'm sure everyone always is!!! 

Now I gotta go :) We are headed to good ole Wally World in a little bit but now, Zoey and I are having a Lecrae/Taylor Swift/Glee dance party!!! (I know, weird combo. But I'm already dancing with my puppy so....) Haha :)

Love and Lecrae,
Em :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is my life...

So I have a 1 1/2 year old Dashchund puppy named Zoey. I love her to death but sometimes she can be SOOOOOOOOO loud!!! This just happened like 5 minutes ago...

She has this ladybug toy that vibrates and she goes NUTS over it!!! She will do this for hours...and hours...and hours, which you can probably tell tends to drive me crazy :) Oh well, I love her just the same and now it's time for bed :)

Love,hugs,and ladybugs,
Emily  :)

Brand New Room :)

I love my parents for so many reasons. They are always there to help me out, they always love me no matter what, and they always give me someone to talk to :) Another reason I love them is because they know me better than I know myself.

Yesterday, I come home from golf and mom wouldn't let me go in my room so I knew something was up. She wouldn't stop smiling...or jumping. I got reeeaaaallll suspicious. When she FINALLY let me in my room, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I had been wanting to redo my room for a while now and my Mom and Dad did it all by themselves while I was at school, picked out everything, and it is better than anything I would have done!!!

Here is my beautiful new room :)

I couldn't have asked for anything more and a HUGE thank you to my Mom and Dad who did this for me!!! I love yall soooooo much!!!

Just an idea for my next post...I am SUCH a bookworm and I was wondering if every once in a while I do some book reviews??? Let me know whatcha think ;) I will blog some more later!

Love and Dashchunds,
Em :)

My teeth are cold.

Sooooooo.....about 2 weeks ago, I sat down in a chair at 9:30 am and everyone around kept asking why I wouldn't stop smiling.
 Over and over I told everyone around, "I'm getting my braces off today!!!" :)

YES, after 2 years of no popcorn, special toothbrushes, and lots of cleaning, I'm FINALLY free from my metal mouth!!! I can't tell you how excited I was to smile all day long :) Plus, I got a day off from school! Woop Woop for that ;)

Here is a picture of my new pearly whites ;)

I hope you like!!! BTW, look for more posts tonight :) It is my blog-catch-up day :)

Love and retainers,
Em :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Intro to Info :)

Hey bloggies :) I'm actually in school right now!!! I have like 10 extra minutes in my computer class, intro to information technology, so I thought I might as well follow in Kaylee's footsteps and blog during class :) Not to mention...ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! :D I am officially a 15 year old now :) Well not till 3:19...but its ok ;) After school we're going golfing so that should be soooooooo funny!!! It's me, Abby, Alyssa and Julia Sorono, and Marah :) It should be hilarious :) 

Mom and Ms. Jaime came and brought my whole table lunch today!!! That was so sweet of them!!! They brought cookie cake and Subway :) I'm so thankful for them :)

Well, I better go cuz the bells about to ring but I will try to post some pictures tomorrow when I get my braces off!!! TTYL :)

Love, Em :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday's + School + Driving = This crazy month!!! :)

OH. MY. GOSH. I can't believe it is already August!!! I was just telling mom that this whole "The years fly by faster the older you get" thing is really overated. I am sad the year is going by so fast but also I am happy because...*drum roll*...ITS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!! :D I am very exited because that means, I get my permit!!! The roads of K-Town better watch out because even I'm a little scared :) Actually as I'm typing, I'm taking my Drug and Alcohol test :P (Yes, i'm a slacker.) So I'm bored out of my mind and I end up blogging :)

Also this month is my Daddy's birthday!!! Our birthday's are 5 days apart so that is always fun to have one big party with our family :) I love him so much and he is such a big role model in my life :)

Not to mention, school is starting back!!! I am very excited about this year and especially about my 5th period and lunch!!! 2 of my friends are coming to the High School for the first time this year and we actually all ended up in the same 5th period and lunch together!!! Haha I was soooooo excited when I found out!!! Also, one of my other closest friends, Kaylee, is going to be in our lunch too!!! (BTW, if you haven't read her blog need too!!! Click HERE to go there!) I have all my stuff ready for the first day, minus the last 80 pages of my school book...hopefully I will tackle that tonight :)

Well, I probably should get back to doing my Drug and Alcohol test, even if I don't want too :) I will blog ya later ;)

Love, Em :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bi-Bi-Big Apple Adventure!!!

Hey Bloggies :) I am sooooo tired because I have had a long day and its 12:46 in the morning but I am DETERMINED to blog about this before I forget!!! So here it goes...

This past week, my church has been doing our annual summer program called Vacation Bible School, or VBS for short :) I grew up doing this ever since our church started so this is a program near and dear to my heart. I remember being little and heading to church every morning that week, ready to sing, dance, learn bible verses, put my penny's towards the girls offering bucket ;), and just have a great time with friends while learning about Jesus!

Now that I'm past 6th grade (and almost in 10th for that matter!!!), I can't be in VBS anymore :P BUT I do get to help out by volunteering to work! It was SO much fun and I had an amazing time!!! Originally Abby and I signed up to work with Rec but they had too many sign ups so we ended up in Preschool Music with Mrs. Marjorie :) I love her to death and I've known her all my life so it was super fun to hang out with her all week...even if we were wrangling a bunch of little kids the whole time!!! We learned lots of songs and all of the little ones were so cute to watch dance, sing, and do the motions :) Now I know that God put us in music for a reason :)

This morning (well yesterday I guess since it's 1:00 am now!) was Sunday and we got all our preschoolers on stage to preform our songs as well as the older kids :) They were so cute and I was extremely proud of them for remembering their moves and doing them!!! Here are some pics from this morning:

Me and Mrs. Marjorie doing the motions for the little ones to follow :)

Here are a few of our "youngins" :)

They did a fantastic job!!!

There's Abby helping with the "T-E-L-L" song :)

Bahahaha oh Lord!!! I think this is when I did the wrong hand motion and some of the kids looked at me like, "You crazy woman???" :)

Here are some of the older kids doing their songs :)

Mrs. Dayna and the other music leaders did a fantastic job :)

Well that is it!! It was such a fun week and I can't wait till next year!!! Oh and I have some other news, I'm leaving for the beach on Sunday!!! I'm so excited and hopefully I'll blog some from there!!! Abby and Jaime get to come with us too so it will be even more fun!!!

Well, time to go catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz's :) (how lame can I get???) Talk to you soon :)

Love, Em <3 :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summertime :)

Hey bloggers!!! I am sooooooo sorry I haven't posted since APRIL!!! I have just been so busy this summer it seems like I haven't had time to blog!!! Since alot has happened since I last blogged, I'll just give you a little overview of everything :)

Student Life Camp - 2011 <3

This year, my church decided to go to Student Life Camp in Orange Beach, Alabama :) It was an incredable week filled with friends, fun, lot of time on the beach, and jellyfish stings...not to mention incredable music by the Brett Younker band and powerful speaking from Matt Chandler! It definatly challenged our youth group and I hope we get to go back there next year! Here are a few pics:

Roomies!!! :)

Me and Abby with Brett Younker :)

Da girls getting ready :)

On the bus! Ya never know what kinda craziness is gonna happen here!!! :)

SLU 101 <3

One definatly incredable week this summer was when I went with Kaylee, Kelly, and Joel to SLU 101 in Orlando, Florida. Student Leadership University is a program created by Dr. Jay Strack that teaches young students how to become leaders at a young age, and to fufill God's plan for their life with all the time they have. One memorable quote from SLU, and one of their mottos is this, "There comes a time where the little girl sits down, and the woman stands up." It was such an impacting week for me and my friends and I will never forget it! I can't wait for 201 next year in DC :)

Also at SLU, we had an awesome opportunity to spend one day at Sea World and another at Universal's Islands of Adventure! At Sea World, we had sessions on how to be more like a dolphin and less like a shark. At Islands of Adventure, we got to play around at Harry Potter World (woop woop!!!) and got to ride the Hulk three times!!! :)

Here are some pics from SLU:

After no sleep for 3 days, we needed LOTS of caffine :)

I had the bright idea to sit in the splash zone...not the best idea. I enjoyed the death threats from Kaylee all throughout the show :)

Those Mandrakes in HP World sure were loud!!! :)

You can't go to Universal and not try on some cool hats!!! :)

I think we all enjoyed the Hulk WAY too much!!! :)
Well, I think thats it!!! Oh, and one more thing...I have a new little niece!!! At 3:30 this morning, little Katie Joy Rollins came into this world :) Abby's oldest sister Amber did an incredable job with her first birth and Katie Joy is the sweetest thing on the planet!!! I was so excited I got to meet her today :) Here is a pic of the sweet girl:

Alrighty well its time for bed before VBS in the morning!!! I'll probably post about that later as well :)

TTYL, Em :)