Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brand New Room :)

I love my parents for so many reasons. They are always there to help me out, they always love me no matter what, and they always give me someone to talk to :) Another reason I love them is because they know me better than I know myself.

Yesterday, I come home from golf and mom wouldn't let me go in my room so I knew something was up. She wouldn't stop smiling...or jumping. I got reeeaaaallll suspicious. When she FINALLY let me in my room, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I had been wanting to redo my room for a while now and my Mom and Dad did it all by themselves while I was at school, picked out everything, and it is better than anything I would have done!!!

Here is my beautiful new room :)

I couldn't have asked for anything more and a HUGE thank you to my Mom and Dad who did this for me!!! I love yall soooooo much!!!

Just an idea for my next post...I am SUCH a bookworm and I was wondering if every once in a while I do some book reviews??? Let me know whatcha think ;) I will blog some more later!

Love and Dashchunds,
Em :)

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