Sunday, October 28, 2012

I seriously stink at blogging!!!

Hey guys!! So I definitely haven't blogged in 3 months!!! Sadly, with my record, not that shocking! Haha :)
Well I have had so much fun in those past three months, it is hard to tell everything! I went to the beach, I turned sixteen and had a really fun party with my friends, went to a Kari Jobe Concert (one of my fave singers!!!), and I GOT A CAR!!!! Our church had it's own camp this year and it was fabulous!! I started duel enrollment classes at my local college, which means I have had even less time then usual! I started learning sign language and I love it!!! We have also started a youth praise team at our church where some of my best friends and I are the lead singers! It is so much fun getting to practice with them every week, even if we don't end up getting much accomplished ;) We got a new little kitty cat named Marie who is a mess!!! She is so much fun :) I have also entered into my high school pageant with a bunch of my friends in my grade and I am so excited to be in it!!! I'm going to perform On My Own so I am so pumped!!!
I will definitely try to blog more, and I'm sorry I forgot about ya ;)
Love and lack of blogging,
Em :)
PHOTO BOMB!!! Here it comes... ;)


Beach Trip!!!

Sweet 16!!!

 Kari Jobe!!!


My New Car!!!

Random Fun!!!