Friday, October 28, 2011

Hedwig Flies Again! :)

We are finally all done with our pumpkins!!! It actually turned out pretty well, considering we only had two days to work on it...and Abby got sick the second day :/ At least she is feeling better and our pumpkin got finished in time!

Yesterday afternoon, our class had a pumpkin party. It was fun because we turned out all the lights in the cafe (the side room dedicated to dining events we cater) and we lit up everyones pumpkins so we could judge them and get awards! It was so neat to see all the awesome pumpkins made by my friends and other classmates, and they were all amazing! The winner was a silouette of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and it was beautiful! I never found out who did the pumpking but it turned out wonderfully :)

We ended up naming our pumpkin "Hedwig Flies Again" because Hedwig is Harry Potter's owl in the books + movies :) Even if Abby doesn't like it, it kept me happy :) Here are a few pics of the final product!

Here it is, all carved up!

...and all lit up!!! :)
I'm so proud how our little punkin' turned out! I can't wait to compete again next year! Now I need to go to sleep, we have a women's luncheon at church tommorow and my Mamama is cooking for it :) Me and Lauren, my cousin, are helping out so we need SLEEP :) Blog again soon ;)

Love and Hedwig,
Em :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My voice sounds like the cookie monster.

I reeeaaalllyyyy don't like being sick.

My mom works at a doctors office and she has been testing lots of kids for strep throat but not thinking anything of it. But sure enough...yesterday we went to the doctor and both mom and I have strep! I have only had it when I was little, because I got my tonsils out. Now I can see all the "fun" I was missing out on! (Did you catch the sarcasm?) One plus is that I got two days off of school and I get to sleep all day :)

Speaking of that, I'm going to take yet another nap because that is the only thing to do here :) Haha I will blog soon AND do posts about the pumpkin! I felt really bad that I missed the part of getting all the inside stuff out...and that I left my best friend Abby to do all the work! But I can make up for it tomorrow :)

Love and lots of sleep,
Em :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin time :)

Happy almost Halloween everybody!!! I'm actually pretty excited for it this year! I doubt that I'm going to dress up, (not because i'm too old, because i have no where to wear it too!!! :) ) but I am excited for all the fun that comes along with it! Once Halloween rolls around, everyone gets into the spirit of fall, pumpkins go out everywhere, and the scary movie marathons begin :) I don't like scary movies....because i'm a wimp. But, I do like the little kid halloween movies like The Nightmare before Christmas, Casper, Halloweentown, the Corpse Bride, and things like that :) Yeah...I'm a far way away from watching Chucky! :O

One thing I'm excited about this year is carving pumpkins at my school! I'm in the culinary arts program in our school and every year we have a whole week where we carve pumpkins. Me and my best friend Abby are working together and we just got everything ready for monday :) I will probably post pictures along the way to see how it turns out :) Here is a picture of the supplies!

I hope it all turns out well and I can't wait to see it!!! I will blog more pics to come :)

Love and pumpkins,
Em :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall is almost here/whats been up :) (LONG LOST POST)


OMGHHKP...I am sooooo ready for fall to be here! It is the 3rd day of October and it is already only 60 degrees outside! (Where I come from, we're doin' pretty good!)

I love fall so much! Even though the leaves don't really change too much here where I live, I love the cool breezes, campfires, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and the upcoming of Christmas! Fall has always been my favorite season and I am extremly happy it's almost apon us!

Though you probably don't really is an update on my life :)

1) I started golf! I love it sooo much and I am sad that it will be ending soon :P But I just moved up where I can actually play in real tournaments so that is really cool :) Here is a pic from my first real match:

2)This past Saturday, I got past my stage fright and I shared my testimony at our Upward football games! To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to because I'm not that good at sharing in front of people. But I did anyway and apparently it was exactly what God planned for me and so I'm glad I did it :) Just goes to show that if God gives you and opportunity, take it even if it's out of your comfort zone.

3) Our church youth group is starting to sponsor a child from Compassion International!!! I am SUPER pumped about this! Compassion International is a program that, when you pay to sponsor a child, they get food, clothing, shelter, schooling, doctor's care, and most importantly...learn about Jesus! When I had a bible study with a group of girls from my church, we had the privledge of adopting a child. Her name is Amina Yuseff and she lives in Ghana :) I really hope to meet her someday!!!

Well it's time for me to go :) I will blog ya later :)

Love and Compassion(haha get it?) ;),
Em :)