Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My voice sounds like the cookie monster.

I reeeaaalllyyyy don't like being sick.

My mom works at a doctors office and she has been testing lots of kids for strep throat but not thinking anything of it. But sure enough...yesterday we went to the doctor and both mom and I have strep! I have only had it when I was little, because I got my tonsils out. Now I can see all the "fun" I was missing out on! (Did you catch the sarcasm?) One plus is that I got two days off of school and I get to sleep all day :)

Speaking of that, I'm going to take yet another nap because that is the only thing to do here :) Haha I will blog soon AND do posts about the pumpkin! I felt really bad that I missed the part of getting all the inside stuff out...and that I left my best friend Abby to do all the work! But I can make up for it tomorrow :)

Love and lots of sleep,
Em :)

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