Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall is almost here/whats been up :) (LONG LOST POST)


OMGHHKP...I am sooooo ready for fall to be here! It is the 3rd day of October and it is already only 60 degrees outside! (Where I come from, we're doin' pretty good!)

I love fall so much! Even though the leaves don't really change too much here where I live, I love the cool breezes, campfires, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and the upcoming of Christmas! Fall has always been my favorite season and I am extremly happy it's almost apon us!

Though you probably don't really is an update on my life :)

1) I started golf! I love it sooo much and I am sad that it will be ending soon :P But I just moved up where I can actually play in real tournaments so that is really cool :) Here is a pic from my first real match:

2)This past Saturday, I got past my stage fright and I shared my testimony at our Upward football games! To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to because I'm not that good at sharing in front of people. But I did anyway and apparently it was exactly what God planned for me and so I'm glad I did it :) Just goes to show that if God gives you and opportunity, take it even if it's out of your comfort zone.

3) Our church youth group is starting to sponsor a child from Compassion International!!! I am SUPER pumped about this! Compassion International is a program that, when you pay to sponsor a child, they get food, clothing, shelter, schooling, doctor's care, and most importantly...learn about Jesus! When I had a bible study with a group of girls from my church, we had the privledge of adopting a child. Her name is Amina Yuseff and she lives in Ghana :) I really hope to meet her someday!!!

Well it's time for me to go :) I will blog ya later :)

Love and Compassion(haha get it?) ;),
Em :)

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