Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm. So. Sweaty. :P

Ohhhhh dear.
Ok, so all week we knew something was wrong with our air conditioning. Well today it finally broke. I'm blogging to you in my house which is about 89 degrees right now. Uggggggggggg.

My poor mom has been cleaning all day in this heat :( Poor thing! I can't imagine it since I am dying just like this :(

On a good note, my dad is coming back today! He has been on a mission trip to Cuba all week and we are so glad he is back! He is actually on the way home right now and we are so excited! I think our air only broke because he isn't here to fix it. Of course.

Well, I'm gonna go because I'm tired, I want some Diet Coke, and I think Zoey is about to have a heat stroke :)

Haha I'll blog more later :)

Love and sweatyness,
Em :)

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