Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obsession :)

Ok so I know my last post was about Les Miserables and I said that I was going to go watch the Music Man, right? Well, last night my Dad and I instead ended up watching the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables and can I just say I was speechless. And crying.
All of the songs and performances were completely beautiful and I could listen to them all day :) (Plus I'm probably going to watch all 3 hours of it again tonight...thats how obsessed i've become!) :D

Well, 3 of the songs stood out to me. I already posted "I dreamed a dream", and so thats not one of them, even though it is still one of my favorite songs ever :) All of the songs were so wonderful, and so famous that it was hard not to post all of them!!! But these 3 have been the ones I have been listening to the most so far on youtube :)

1. On My Own

This is such a beautiful but sad song. Eponine sings how she is so in love with Marius but he is still in love with Cosette. So she is forced to imagine his love for her. Such a powerful song and I love it :)

2. Red and Black/Do you hear the people sing?

This guy has such a beautiful voice, not to mention Nick Jonas :) (more about that next!) But it is so cool to see them plan about there revolution they are planning! They all have such powerful voices and I love it :)

3. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables

Ok, so far this has been the song I have been completly obsessed with. I already loved Nick Jonas, and already loved broadway!
Nick Jonas + Les Miserables = I died :)
This is such a powerful song where Marius sings because all of his friends were killed during the attack, but he still lives because he was rescued. He sings of his greif and how he wishes they wouldn't have died in his place. I love how far Nick Jonas has come and how versitile his voice is. It goes to show, once you get your start in broadway, you will never change! I could listen to this song all day and it always seems to make me cry :)

Well, I hope you loved all these songs and GO RENT THE DVD!!! I got it at our redbox in town and I'm not sure I'm giving it back just yet ;) It is wonderful and I think just about anyone would enjoy it :)

Love and Marius,
Em :)

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