Monday, July 18, 2011

Bi-Bi-Big Apple Adventure!!!

Hey Bloggies :) I am sooooo tired because I have had a long day and its 12:46 in the morning but I am DETERMINED to blog about this before I forget!!! So here it goes...

This past week, my church has been doing our annual summer program called Vacation Bible School, or VBS for short :) I grew up doing this ever since our church started so this is a program near and dear to my heart. I remember being little and heading to church every morning that week, ready to sing, dance, learn bible verses, put my penny's towards the girls offering bucket ;), and just have a great time with friends while learning about Jesus!

Now that I'm past 6th grade (and almost in 10th for that matter!!!), I can't be in VBS anymore :P BUT I do get to help out by volunteering to work! It was SO much fun and I had an amazing time!!! Originally Abby and I signed up to work with Rec but they had too many sign ups so we ended up in Preschool Music with Mrs. Marjorie :) I love her to death and I've known her all my life so it was super fun to hang out with her all week...even if we were wrangling a bunch of little kids the whole time!!! We learned lots of songs and all of the little ones were so cute to watch dance, sing, and do the motions :) Now I know that God put us in music for a reason :)

This morning (well yesterday I guess since it's 1:00 am now!) was Sunday and we got all our preschoolers on stage to preform our songs as well as the older kids :) They were so cute and I was extremely proud of them for remembering their moves and doing them!!! Here are some pics from this morning:

Me and Mrs. Marjorie doing the motions for the little ones to follow :)

Here are a few of our "youngins" :)

They did a fantastic job!!!

There's Abby helping with the "T-E-L-L" song :)

Bahahaha oh Lord!!! I think this is when I did the wrong hand motion and some of the kids looked at me like, "You crazy woman???" :)

Here are some of the older kids doing their songs :)

Mrs. Dayna and the other music leaders did a fantastic job :)

Well that is it!! It was such a fun week and I can't wait till next year!!! Oh and I have some other news, I'm leaving for the beach on Sunday!!! I'm so excited and hopefully I'll blog some from there!!! Abby and Jaime get to come with us too so it will be even more fun!!!

Well, time to go catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz's :) (how lame can I get???) Talk to you soon :)

Love, Em <3 :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summertime :)

Hey bloggers!!! I am sooooooo sorry I haven't posted since APRIL!!! I have just been so busy this summer it seems like I haven't had time to blog!!! Since alot has happened since I last blogged, I'll just give you a little overview of everything :)

Student Life Camp - 2011 <3

This year, my church decided to go to Student Life Camp in Orange Beach, Alabama :) It was an incredable week filled with friends, fun, lot of time on the beach, and jellyfish stings...not to mention incredable music by the Brett Younker band and powerful speaking from Matt Chandler! It definatly challenged our youth group and I hope we get to go back there next year! Here are a few pics:

Roomies!!! :)

Me and Abby with Brett Younker :)

Da girls getting ready :)

On the bus! Ya never know what kinda craziness is gonna happen here!!! :)

SLU 101 <3

One definatly incredable week this summer was when I went with Kaylee, Kelly, and Joel to SLU 101 in Orlando, Florida. Student Leadership University is a program created by Dr. Jay Strack that teaches young students how to become leaders at a young age, and to fufill God's plan for their life with all the time they have. One memorable quote from SLU, and one of their mottos is this, "There comes a time where the little girl sits down, and the woman stands up." It was such an impacting week for me and my friends and I will never forget it! I can't wait for 201 next year in DC :)

Also at SLU, we had an awesome opportunity to spend one day at Sea World and another at Universal's Islands of Adventure! At Sea World, we had sessions on how to be more like a dolphin and less like a shark. At Islands of Adventure, we got to play around at Harry Potter World (woop woop!!!) and got to ride the Hulk three times!!! :)

Here are some pics from SLU:

After no sleep for 3 days, we needed LOTS of caffine :)

I had the bright idea to sit in the splash zone...not the best idea. I enjoyed the death threats from Kaylee all throughout the show :)

Those Mandrakes in HP World sure were loud!!! :)

You can't go to Universal and not try on some cool hats!!! :)

I think we all enjoyed the Hulk WAY too much!!! :)
Well, I think thats it!!! Oh, and one more thing...I have a new little niece!!! At 3:30 this morning, little Katie Joy Rollins came into this world :) Abby's oldest sister Amber did an incredable job with her first birth and Katie Joy is the sweetest thing on the planet!!! I was so excited I got to meet her today :) Here is a pic of the sweet girl:

Alrighty well its time for bed before VBS in the morning!!! I'll probably post about that later as well :)

TTYL, Em :)