Friday, October 28, 2011

Hedwig Flies Again! :)

We are finally all done with our pumpkins!!! It actually turned out pretty well, considering we only had two days to work on it...and Abby got sick the second day :/ At least she is feeling better and our pumpkin got finished in time!

Yesterday afternoon, our class had a pumpkin party. It was fun because we turned out all the lights in the cafe (the side room dedicated to dining events we cater) and we lit up everyones pumpkins so we could judge them and get awards! It was so neat to see all the awesome pumpkins made by my friends and other classmates, and they were all amazing! The winner was a silouette of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and it was beautiful! I never found out who did the pumpking but it turned out wonderfully :)

We ended up naming our pumpkin "Hedwig Flies Again" because Hedwig is Harry Potter's owl in the books + movies :) Even if Abby doesn't like it, it kept me happy :) Here are a few pics of the final product!

Here it is, all carved up!

...and all lit up!!! :)
I'm so proud how our little punkin' turned out! I can't wait to compete again next year! Now I need to go to sleep, we have a women's luncheon at church tommorow and my Mamama is cooking for it :) Me and Lauren, my cousin, are helping out so we need SLEEP :) Blog again soon ;)

Love and Hedwig,
Em :)

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