Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin time :)

Happy almost Halloween everybody!!! I'm actually pretty excited for it this year! I doubt that I'm going to dress up, (not because i'm too old, because i have no where to wear it too!!! :) ) but I am excited for all the fun that comes along with it! Once Halloween rolls around, everyone gets into the spirit of fall, pumpkins go out everywhere, and the scary movie marathons begin :) I don't like scary movies....because i'm a wimp. But, I do like the little kid halloween movies like The Nightmare before Christmas, Casper, Halloweentown, the Corpse Bride, and things like that :) Yeah...I'm a far way away from watching Chucky! :O

One thing I'm excited about this year is carving pumpkins at my school! I'm in the culinary arts program in our school and every year we have a whole week where we carve pumpkins. Me and my best friend Abby are working together and we just got everything ready for monday :) I will probably post pictures along the way to see how it turns out :) Here is a picture of the supplies!

I hope it all turns out well and I can't wait to see it!!! I will blog more pics to come :)

Love and pumpkins,
Em :)

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