Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Happy December 1st and Merry Christmas!!! I am soooo stinking excited because this really is my favorite time of the whole year! Also, today is my Papa's birthday and I'm so thankful for him!!!

Finally, today we got to put up our Christmas Tree!!! I always think it is so fun to get all the boxes down from the attic, put up the tree, do the decorations, and listening to Christmas music the entire time :) Tonight we only put up the tree, but I put my tiny one in mine too! Here are some pictures...
Every year, Tigger licks the tree as soon as we get it out of the box :) He was so happy!!!

But...after the tree got up, he decided it was hard work and took a nap. That's my boy :)

My dinky little pink, fiber-optic, Charlie Brown tree :) It looks sad but I love it!

Zoey was freaking out so I sat on the couch with her while dad wrapped the lights :)

Then...she sat on me.

I wasn't quite sure what to do...
And here is are adorable tree!!! Minus the bow, but that goes on tomorrow ;)

Alrighty well i'm headed to bed :) Merry Christmas everyone and I will post more soon!
Love and tree lights,
Em :)

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