Friday, December 9, 2011

Presents from Santa :)

Hey bloggies :) I hope your December is going awesome! With midterms coming up, mine's a little stressful :P But with only a week left for school until break, I think i can make it ;)

Today was the end of a CRAZY week in my Culinary Arts class. We have spent the entire week trying to decorate original gingerbread houses for the end of week contest. Now this might sound pretty Actually it was the most stressful week of this class in the entire year. But, I was in a group with 3 great friends and we ended up having a great time! We decided to build a Christmas present for our design and it turned out to be SUPER adorable!!!

As the judges were working, all the culinary students were forced to sit outside and wait it out. We were all eating leftover candy to stop us from freaking out :) There were two categories, the advanced students and the first years. I'm in the first year class so I didn't compete with the advanced ones, thank goodness!!! They were so good and I would have been even more nervous! But in the end...WE WON FIRST PLACE!!!!!! We were ecstatic!!! Here are some pictures: (PS. Dayshia wasn't in them because she had to go home :( )

Love and twizzlers,
Em :)


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