Monday, August 22, 2011

Intro to Info :)

Hey bloggies :) I'm actually in school right now!!! I have like 10 extra minutes in my computer class, intro to information technology, so I thought I might as well follow in Kaylee's footsteps and blog during class :) Not to mention...ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! :D I am officially a 15 year old now :) Well not till 3:19...but its ok ;) After school we're going golfing so that should be soooooooo funny!!! It's me, Abby, Alyssa and Julia Sorono, and Marah :) It should be hilarious :) 

Mom and Ms. Jaime came and brought my whole table lunch today!!! That was so sweet of them!!! They brought cookie cake and Subway :) I'm so thankful for them :)

Well, I better go cuz the bells about to ring but I will try to post some pictures tomorrow when I get my braces off!!! TTYL :)

Love, Em :)


  1. Haha aww does this mean in a leader now? YAY FOLLOWERS! You look
    B-E-A-UTIFUL with your naked teeth! Love you to death!

  2. Haha yes ma'am!!! Haha thank you!!! My teeth are cold. Bahaha jk :) Love you like crazy girl!!! :)


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