Sunday, April 3, 2011

NYC!!! :)

Oh my gosh i'm back!!! I had the most amazing, fun, impacting week of my life!!! God is definatly moving in New York City and I hope I get to go back really soon!!! Those people in NYC are just thirsty for love and the people like us and the people in the Gallery Church are just the people to give it to them. I pray for the church and the small impact we had on them. I know this was a short post BUT I know some people who can probably say what happened better that I can ;) If you want to know more about our trip, check out my youth pastor's blog at :) He has updates from every day of the trip! Also, check out my friend and fellow NYC travel buddy Whitney's blog at :) She also has updates from every day of the trip!!! I hope you enjoyed this post and had a fantastic and safe spring break ;) I will blog more very soon!!!

Lots of love,
Em <3

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