Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY - Newspaper Nails

Hey everyone!!! I hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years filled with lots of fun! Mine was great and I'm so thankful for my amazing family :) They are so much fun to be around! Also, I still have a few more days before school starts which is awesome!!!! 

This DIY (Do-it-yourself) is one I saw, once again, on Pinterest because that is pretty much where I spend all my free time. Not really...I'm not that lame. Well....
ANYWAY. :) This is really easy and I think it is super cute!!! Here is what you need:
*Rubbing alcohal
*A light colored nail polish (such as white or grey)
*Top coat for afterword

Here we go:

1) Paint your nails with the light colored base coat and dry.

2) Once it is all dry, dip your finger in a small cup of the rubbing alcohol for about 15 sec.

3) Right after, put a small section of the newspaper, just big enough to fit your nail, on top and rub it on.

4) Remove the newspaper from the nail and repeat. (I found that ripping the paper off really fast helped it look alot better!)

5) Put a top coat on and then you're finished!
Hope y'all enjoyed the DIY and I will see y'all soon :)

Love and newsies,
Em :)

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