Saturday, January 28, 2012

My fantabulous day :)

Hey everyone!!!
So, yeah. My whole "new post" thing was a fail...but at least I'm posting now!! ;)
Today was SUCH a fun day!!! I got to go shopping with Abby and Chelsea which was hilarious of course!! Also, I got to go see my friend Adam in his play, Anne Frank!! He was the dad so he was the only one that didn't die! Bahaha good for him ;) Here are some random pics of the day:

Yes, we went to try on random prom dresses for no particular reason. Perfectly normal. :)

 Abby in her dress :) Really pretty!!

 Chels, Me, and Abby :) 

 I love these girls :) Well, I have one more post to do then off to bed ;) Love ya!

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