Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spontaneous me :)

Yo blog stalkers :) So yesterday mom told me that she was going to jax to get her hair cut. I was going back and forth whether or not I should get my hair cut. A few months ago, my best friend Abby (Read her blog btw!!! :) ) made a pact that we would grow out our hair because we loved the way it looked on others but had never done it ourselves. Well......I failed :) Haha while I was at my Mamama's hair salon, I got my hair cut in an angled bob :) I LOVE IT!!! :)

As I was getting it cut , I was texting abby and I told her I was getting my haircut :) This is our conversation:

Me: Well I have some bad news for u...i am breaking our long hair pact as we speak :) heeheehee:)
Abby: Ahhh!!!!! You getting a trim?
Me: Hahaha welllllls..i'm getting it cut :) It's going to be a little above my shoulders :)
Abby: Ahhh!Well it is your hair! Haha :) I'm sure it will look great :)
Me: Haha thanks :) Good, I thought you were gonna kill me :)
Abby: No, just hurt you...jk :)
Me: Well...atleast my hair will look cute for my funeral :) Bahaha :)

Oh gosh we are so weird!!! Well thats all I have for today :) I will blog some more later :) Spontaneous

Em :)

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