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Confessions of a Bookworm, Episode 1: Top 5 Summer Reads :)

Hey everyone! I hope yall are doing well! I'm just having a lazy day today, nothing too exciting. But I'm heading to Georgia to visit my cousins on Monday so I'm really excited!! :)

Today I'm starting off a series where I talk about books! I'm such a bookworm (hence the title), so I'd love to have a special spot on my blog to talk about just them! Since its summer, alot of people are going through their summer books and I thought I would too. I tried to video didn't turn out so well :/ So here it goes!

~ 1. Christy Miller ~

This is by far my favorite summer series! It isn't new by any means, in fact it came out in the 80's! Even so, the story is very impacting and changed so many ways that I look at Christianity. Not only is it my favorite summer series, but it is my favorite book series in general. The first book is called Summer Promise, but there are 12 books in the series, and three more from her college years. All of them are amazing!!!

The story is about a 14 year old girl named Christy who goes to live with her rich aunt and uncle for the summer at their estate in Newport Beach, California. She is having the time of her life meeting friends, especially a hunky surfer named Todd <3 She gets worried when some of her new friends turn out to be more wild than she thought, and Todd's "God Lover" friends totally change her image of the kingdom of God. Needless to say, this summer doesn't turn out the way Christy imagined!

~ 2. Kingdom Keepers 1: Disney After Dark ~

This book isnt exactly a summery book, but it all takes place in Orlando and Disney World. That's kinda summery, right? ;) This book also is a little older. I remember reading it when I was in 5th grade! But it is still a really cool read for any Disney fan, and Ridley Pearson is still coming out with more!

The story begins with Finn Whitman going to be a DHI at the Disney Parks, basically making him (and the 4 other teens) holographic tour guides. One night he goes to sleep, and wakes up as his hologram in Magic Kingdom! The old Imagineer named Wayne tells him that he and the other teens have to defeat the Overtakers, Disney villans who are determined to take over the parks. The teens have to work together and figure out the clues left behind by Walt Disney himself.

~ 3. So Not Happening ~

I read this book last summer when I was on my church bus headed to camp! I seriously couldn't put it down, so I was antisocial and read the entire thing :) Its a really fun read and a perfect blend of humor, romance, and spirituality.

The story follows Bella, the daughter of a rich New York plastic surgion, who unwillingly moves to Oklahoma when her mother remaries. The spoiled girl has lots of problems getting adjusted to life on a farm with a new school, new father figure, and two new brothers. She finds some relief when she joins her school's newspaper, though she can't get along with her annoying (but adorable) editor. This book is such a great summer read!!!

~ 4. The Last Song ~

Well, I'm sure everyone has heard of this book, or the movie at least! It is one of my favorite movies, and the book was phenominal!! I cried in both so much! I couldn't come up with a better explaination of this story so this is the one off of Wikipedia, haha:

Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life was turned upside down when her parents divorced and her father, Steve, moved to Wrightsville, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains distant from her parents, particularly Steve, until her mother decides it would be everyone’s best interest if she and her brother spent the summer with him. Resentful and rebellious, Ronnie rejects Steve’s attempts to reach out to her and threatens to return to New York before the summer’s end. But soon Ronnie meets Will, the last person she thought she’d ever be attracted to, and finds herself falling for him, opening herself up to the greatest happiness – and pain – that she has ever known.

~ 5. Love Finds You in Camelot, Tennessee ~

This is the one I have read most recently, and I loved it soooo much! I have read a few books from the "Love Finds You" series and I haven't found one yet that I didn't enjoy. They are all romance fiction stories that take place in real cities across America and have a number of different story lines. This one is on of my favorites :)

Steve Garrison is the newly elected mayor of the tiny town of Camelot, Tennessee. When his childhood friend Amy Hart comes up with a plan to revive the town’s economy, he jumps onboard. The townspeople will perform the musical “Camelot” in the city’s park, drawing in nightly crowds. While excitement is high, talent is lacking. Amy casts several of the parts but is stumped when it comes to the role of King Arthur. In desperation, she turns to Steve. Will he pull the sword from the stone and save the day? Steve reluctantly agrees—on one condition. In exchange for his willingness to wear tights, Amy must play the role of Guinevere. And when a handsome newcomer cast as Lancelot takes an interest in Amy, the stage is set for a little  tension - and maybe love!
I hope you enjoyed and check out these books! Let me know also if you want to see more of these!! :)
Lov and books,
Em :)these;)

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