Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summa Time!

So, after what seemed like forever, summer is finally here again!!! I can't tell you how pumped I was on the last day of school and how happy I am to be able to say I'm a Junior ;) This year really has been a lot of fun though! From my best friend and I goofing off in culinary, to crazy Drivers Ed adventures, and tons of last minute projects, 10th grade was busy to say the least! I can't say every minute of it was fun, but it is definitly a school year I won't ever forget!

The end of this school year has also brought some sad things with it, like a bunch of my close friends graduating and leaving for college :/ It is also a very exciting time, but I will miss them dearly and I love them all very much!

This summer has a lot of things in store! We have vacations, camps, VBS, and SLU 201 just to name a few things! I know this summer will be packed with tons of fun and I am so looking foreward to it! (Also looking forward to the sunny weather, since our first week of summer has been all rain :/)

I know this is so shocking...but I haven't been so good on keeping up with my blog :) I'm giving up on being a regular blogger, but oh well! I'm gonna end out this post with some stuff that you might have missed in between posts ;)

Love and summer fun,
Em :)

Easter with my family!

Fun at Wendy's with Abby :)

Hunger Games premiere!!!

Church Dodgeball Tournament!! We lost, but we lost with style ;)

Sweet friend <3

Hair cut!!

My graduate friend, Ben!

Sweet Kaylee!
Sweet Chelsea!

Kelly, Abby, Elizabeth and me holding up our graduating years! Even though Kelly has already graduated, its still really sweet!

Some sweet little girls I babysit :)

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