Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!! :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I have been having a great weekend filled with Halloween and fall fun!!! Yesterday, the fam loaded up and drove up to jax to my Mamama and Papa's church. They were having a Gator vs. Georgia game party/fall festival! We all had a really good time with lots of games, delicious cookout food, and LOTS of candy!!! :) Here are some pics from jax :)

Me and my sweet sister Dana :) <3 her!!!

Dana and I with sweet Mamama!!! :)

Papa and I watching the game :) :) :)

I won these in one of the games and after that, everyone had to wear them!!! :})

...even Dana!!! :)
  We were having a great time, and then a new visitor showed up! There is a man visiting the church with a service dog. But he doesn't have just any dog...he has a little dapple dachshund!!! :) Her name is Peanut and she is precious!!! She was off duty that day so she was fine for us to hold :) I don't have a picture but trust me, she is adorable!!!

Later that day, we decided to go trick or treating! Because Halloween, as you know, is on a Sunday this year, our town did all the trick or treating on Saturday! I went with my cousin Lauren, her boyfriend Carson, his brother Leo, and our friend Josh :) We had alot of fun and we all had awesome costumes!!! :)

This morning, at church, we had an amazing service. Though today was Halloween, it was also Reformation Sunday. This is a time we took to look back at what our amazing Savior did for us on the cross! It was a really moving service and I really enjoyed it!

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! See ya :)

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